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OK 2015, Now What? Once again after a couple weeks off and the calendar odometer flipping another year, I’m sitting here with a blinking curser wondering what to write about. And the thing that pops into my head are Things. The Everythings. While 2014 was the hype year for the Internet of Things (IoT), according to many 2015 will be the year that IoT…and really the Internet of Everything, becomes mainstream. It is occurring this week at CES where tons of smart cars, smart kitchens, smart watches, smart televisions, smart wearables, smart appliances, smart healthcare devices, smart robots, smart belts and anything else that has a sensor, a chip and is connected to the internet will be on display. I wonder if terms like smart aleck and smarty pants might soon be in vogue. While the Hover skateboard originally slated for 2015 is still in the works, there is a massive... (more)

Intelligent DNS Animated Whiteboard By @PSilvas | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

DNS will become even more important as additional sensors, monitors, actuators and other ‘things’ connect to the internet. It helps those devices like refrigerators and automobiles get their updates and helps us people find those things in our digital world. Here is a short Whiteboard explaining how F5 can help solve DNS challenges. And check out our Intelligent DNS Scale Reference Architecture which delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your web applications will respond to all DNS queries—keeping your content and applications available to your users wherever... (more)

The Internet of Me, Myself and I By @PSilvas | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

What happens when the gadgets you wear also control the things around you? No doubt you’ve heard of various internet-connected things like light bulbs, coffee makers and thermostats making their way into our homes. And no doubt, you’ve probably heard of such devices that you wear (or insert) to track your fitness, sleeping or even blood sugar levels. But when that sleeping monitor can alert the light bulb and coffee machine that you are about to wake up, that’s called the Internet of Self. Data from your body that is used to control the objects around you. Your body controls the y... (more)

Internet of Things and the Analog Generation by @PSilvas | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

From Baby Boomers to Gen X, Y, & Z, there are certain characteristics that define, at least according to demographers and historians, each generation. Generation X, specifically, might also remember a Rush song called The Analog Kid. While not as frequently played as Tom Sawyer or Subdivisions, it has always been my favorite Rush song. Driving bass, awesome guitar solo, amazing imagery and Peart. I am that Generation. The Analog Generation. With all of our digital things getting connected, including things on and in our body, I started thinking that I'm part of the generation th... (more)

The DNS of Things @ThingsExpo 2014 By @PSilvas [#IoT]

With Levi’s Stadium as a backdrop, I share a bit about the Internet of Things and the strain it will place on the Domain Name System (DNS) along with a preview of my DNS of Things session at CloudExpo / @ThingsExpo at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Reporting from Silicon Valley.  Check out F5’s DNS solutions at https://f5.com/solutions/architectures/intelligent-dns-scale ps Related Five Key Issues for the DNS of Things @ThingsExpo The Digital Dress Code F5 Solutions – Intelligent DNS Scale My Sensored Family The Internet of…(Drum Roll Please)…Band-Aids?!? The Breach of Th... (more)