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It’s that time of year when we gift and re-gift, just like this text from last year. And the perfect opportunity to re-post, re-purpose and re-use all my 2014 blog entries. If you missed any of the 96 attempts including 57 videos, here they are wrapped in one simple entry. I read somewhere that lists in blogs are good. I broke it out by month to see what was happening at the time and let's be honest, pure self promotion. Thanks for reading and watching throughout 2014. Have a Safe and Happy New Year. January OK 2014, Now What Bricks (Thru the Window) and Mortar (Rounds) The Icebox Cometh Playground 2.0 February Mobile Malware Milestone VMware PEX 2014: Find F5 VMware PEX 2014: F5 VMware Technology Alliance – Horizon View (feat Strobel) VMware PEX 2014: Optimized Horizon View Technical Whiteboard (feat Pindell) VMware PEX 2014: NSX Integration Demo (Cano solo) VMwar... (more)

The Top 10, Top 10 Predictions for 2015 By @PSilvas | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

The time of year that crystal balls get a viewing and many pundits put out their annual predictions for the coming year. Rather than thinking up my own, I figured I’d regurgitate what many others are expecting to happen. IDC Reveals Worldwide Internet of Things Predictions for 2015 - So 2014, according to last year's proclamations, was the break out year for the Internet of Things (Iot) and it didn't disappoint. IoT is everywhere and IDC offers their take for 2015. Cloud, security & network capacity all come into play when wearables, embedded systems and smart cities overrun our s... (more)

Oh, Is That The Internet You’re Wearing? By @psilvas | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

I can see it now… [Enter Dream Sequence] ‘ALOHA! We’re here at the Red Carpet Event at the 2021 Web Movie Awards! All the stars are here wearing the latest in fashion trends. Oh, here comes DigiTom wearing his underarm sweat blocker shirt that also calculates how much moisture he is losing and how many ounces of water he needs to replace that sweat. Cool stuff. Ah, and here comes Hank Hologram and what is amazing is how his shoes continue to change colors depending on his mood. Ooop…With all those screams, it must be super director Steve Streamer who has 500 little HHDD cameras ... (more)

The Breach of Things | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Yet another retailer has confessed that their systems were breached and an untold number of victims join the growing list of those who have had their data was stolen. This one could be bigger than the infamous Target breach. I wonder if some day we’ll be referring to periods of time by the breach that occurred. ‘What? You don’t remember the Target breach of ’13! Much smaller than the Insert Company Here Breach of 2019!’ Or almost like battles of a long war. ‘The Breach of 2013 was a turning point in the fight against online crime,’ or some other silly notion. Don't MIss Peter Si... (more)

The 'Internet of Things' and Band-Aids? | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

The Internet of…(Drum Roll Please)…Band-Aids?!? Last week I told you about my family’s experience with an under the skin glucose sensor that tracks blood sugar levels. While this Internet of Things trend often takes the form of a thermostat, light bulb or coffee machine, the medical field has been using sensors for a while and it is about to get even more connected with your skin. We’re talking skin tags of a different kind. First up is a sensor filled smart bandage. Ed Goluch, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Northeastern University is working on a smart band-a... (more)